Introducing The New Chorus Mobile App

We are proud to announce the new and improved Chorus iOS mobile app! It’s not just a makeover, it’s a whole new experience.

Access all of the features you know and use today available in your pocket, from your couch, and anywhere you go.

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New Chorus iOS Mobile App

Do Great Work. Anywhere, Anytime.

We rebuilt our mobile app from the ground up, and we know you’re going to like what you see.

Here’s what you can expect from the new app:

  • Fresh look: Streamlined interface to get you the insights and outcomes you need faster.
  • New homepage: Spotlight on your most relevant recordings & team activity right up front.
  • Coaching on the go: Use your extra time for self-improvement or helping your team with scorecards and coaching moments.

Mobile Development Team, At the Ready

We are invested in mobile, and we’re invested in you.

We are so excited for this version of our mobile app, and we can’t wait to continue to build on it. We know we made it look easy, but there was a whole team behind making this mobile app dream come true. In fact, we’ve invested in an entire mobile development team to ensure each evolution of our app is bigger, better, and more seamless than ever.

We’re committed to doing great work with you, wherever you go.

Psst… Look for the Android app coming soon!

Fast, Capable, Reliable. For Every Part of Your Sales Org

Each member of your team will be able to access their favorite Chorus features, enabling them for faster, more deliberate work on the go.

The new and improved mobile app, enables improved handoffs and collaboration across departments.

Easy access to coaching

Coaching on the Go

Easily navigate recommended coaching opportunities and scorecards, while your sales reps can ramp faster through self-coaching playlists.

Get the App!

Leave feedback or alert other team members no matter where you are

Have Better Meetings

You will have improved deal visibility for more efficient and focused 1-1s or deal reviews, and your reps can prepare for calls and develop better follow-ups easier than ever before.

Download today!

Share what you hear across your org

Focus on the Voice of the Customer

Cross-departmental leadership will be able to hear the voice of the customer first-hand, gaining a competitive edge or essential product feedback.

Start today!

We’re Here For You!

We couldn’t be more excited to share our mobile app with you! Thank you for using Chorus, for sharing your feedback with us, and for joining us on this journey into another successful iteration of the platform.

Let us know what you think! Rate our app and leave us feedback! Like we said before, we’re here for you.

Download today!

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