The Ins and Outs of the Average Deal

No one ever got into sales (or at least stayed in) because it was easy. But between the challenges of virtual sales calls, increased C-Suite participation, and motivated competition, driving a successful deal forward is no small task.

But just how challenging is it really? We've collected the data behind the average deal to answer that question.

Our data shows that the average closed-won deal takes around 46 days. And with dozens of emails, calls, and messages involved in every deal, it becomes harder to understand the complete picture as time progresses.

With an average of 6-10 decision makers become involved per B2B deal, reps are often pulled in different directions. Each decision maker brings their own questions and concerns, so many reps enlist the help of a teammate—but getting additional team members up to speed presents an additional challenge.

Sales reps waste a whopping 27% of their time due to inaccurate CRM data. That's more than two hours in an eight hour work day! But even the most accurate CRM struggles to capture the full customer relationship context.

Pipeline forecasting is a huge obstacle for sales reps. 57% of reps don’t forecast accurately, which can have a cascading effect on the entire Revenue org.

One of the results of forecasting challenges? How about the fact that 60%—that's almost two thirds—of all forecasted deals don't actually close. Ouch.

The data proves it: Today's deals are complex and ever-changing.

And while accurate CRM data and forecasting is crucial, navigating several weeks of customer emails and calls can be a Herculean effort.

That's why we built Momentum by Chorus. Momentum brings the entire customer relationship right to your CRM, so reps can spend more time selling and less time sorting through old emails.

Interested in learning more?

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