How Virtual Sales Meetings Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Shawn Parrotte


About 47 years ago, the crew of Apollo 17 first captured the amazing “Blue Marble” image of earth. Take a minute to look at it in high-resolution.

This earth is a beautiful place. It is up to us to really stem the negative effects that fossil fuels and climate change are having on our home planet. Inside sales and virtual meetings contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of a business.
How many virtual meetings are you doing? A recent Forrester study found that “31% firms make more than 5,000 video calls each month”. We worked with Zoom Video Communications (right off the bat of their IPO) to calculate how much a sales meeting on video conferencing can reduce the carbon footprint, especially when compared to a face to face meeting.

The findings are amazing. Sales meetings done on video conferencing platforms not only make reps productive, give them valuable recordings and data, but also generate ~1,500 lbs less CO2 in the atmosphere
See the math below:

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