Congratulations Zoom on your S-1!

Shawn Parrotte

In Eric’s letter to investors (included below), Zoom’s CEO talks about the importance of customer and employee happiness. When I heard the news that Zoom was filing to go public, I felt happy for them. As anyone who has met him will tell you, Eric is a phenomenal leader. Zoom has been a Chorus customer during a period of exceptional growth - 118% YoY growth to $330M in revenue with a gross profit of 81% and Net Promoter Score of 70.

I’m extremely proud of what Zoom has accomplished, and the role we could play as a partner to their sales and enablement teams to support their growth. Given Zoom’s focus on happiness, enabling their sales organization to have high quality conversations at scale.


Greg Holmes, who led sales during this exceptional growth phase was kind enough to share this during our Series B announcement:  


“ has helped us become a smarter sales organization as we’ve scaled. We have visibility into our sales conversations and what is working across all of our offices. We’ve seen a drastic reduction in new hire ramp times and higher sales productivity with even more reps hitting quota. is a game changer.”


Congratulations to Eric and the entire Zoom team! We’re proud to work with you and continue to support your growth as you grow and bring happiness to more people!




Eric Yuan Letter to potential investors: 

"Thank you for reading our prospectus and considering an investment in Zoom. As the founder and CEO of Zoom, it is my privilege to share with you what we’re all about.
Life is about the pursuit of happiness. The greatest, most sustainable happiness comes from making others happy. Delivering happiness is what we do at Zoom.

Ten years ago, I was an engineering leader at a major technology company. I would visit customers, and they would tell me how unhappy they were with the technology in the videoconferencing market. This made me unhappy. There had to be something better — something designed for modern video communications, something that would deliver happiness. I knew that we would have to start from scratch to do it right.

This experience underlies the Zoom happiness philosophy. Our focus is to keep both our customers and our employees happy. The sum of their joy is greater than its parts. Our customers and our employees make each other happy. We live this philosophy every day. We take care of our customers and employees. We built a video-first communications platform that is scalable, user friendly and reliable. We respond to our customers’ emails (quickly), talk with them face-to-face on Zoom, really listen to them and build the features and products they ask for (also quickly).

Happiness delivers results. In 2018, our average customer Net Promoter Score was over 70, demonstrating that our high-quality, easy-to-use platform is making customers happy. We have consistently earned high scores across customer review sites, including Gartner Peer Insights, TrustRadius and G2 Crowd. And let’s not forget our employees. Zoom has received multiple awards from Glassdoor based on high ratings and reviews from our employees.

We deliver much more than what people expect from video communications. Our team comes to work every day because our platform transforms the way people work together. For example, a medical care team discusses the plan to transition a pediatric patient off his feeding tube, the world’s largest brewery explores opportunities for using blockchain to pay its farmers, a state park brings students on an underwater exploration in Lake Tahoe — all face-to-face on Zoom. We are proud that our platform helps users around the world build trust, strengthen relationships, move faster and get meaningful things done.

It’s been over seven years since I founded Zoom, but this is just the beginning. There are a lot of people and companies that benefit from Zoom, but there are still plenty that haven’t yet explored the possibilities that Zoom can bring to their organizations. I want to give them video communications that make them happy. Video is the future of communications. If our customers are happy, the sky’s the limit. We must stay humble and paranoid about our customers’ and employees’ happiness.

We have a lot left to do. If you join us in this journey, you will become an integral part of this work and our family. Caring is our company’s core value. We care deeply for our community, our customers, our team and our company. And today, we want to add you to that list.

And now, back to work, and back to making people happy."

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