From Moving Big Rocks to Granting Wishes: How Chuck Marcouiller, Reflektive’s Senior Director of Sales Enablement, Does It All

November 8, 2019

Chuck Marcouiller is a graduate of West Point, a former artillery officer and a combat vet. He’s also the “dog that caught the car.” Well, that’s how he refers to his path into sales, anyway.

After leaving the military, Chuck went into business, working for an HR administration software company in operations. When payroll giant ADP acquired that firm, the company turned to Chuck for help in identifying and acquiring similar businesses to the department he was running. When they finally acquired a significantly sized business in his specialty they told him they were moving him into sales. He said he wasn’t “sales” and their reply was, “You're the only one who knows how to talk about this stuff. You helped buy the company now go sell it. Besides you’ll be good at it.” Chuck reluctantly took on that challenge.

“ADP wanted to see if anyone could sell the solutions I was advising them to buy,” says Chuck, who admits he was initially hesitant about taking on a sales role. But Chuck found success, and after a couple of years and several million dollars in sales, he says ADP “felt I’d demonstrated a repeatable, sustainable operation.”

That’s when the company threw another curveball at Chuck, by asking him to focus on sales training and operations. “I didn’t even know what sales operations was! There was no sales enablement at that time” he recalls. Over the next three years, Chuck ran the ADP National Account sales training program before moving into sales leadership. He found success in sales leadership but loved the development aspect of sales training. So when that door opened again at ADP to work with the team in the sales leadership development program, he moved back into sales enablement.

Now, Chuck is devoting his skills to Reflektive, a pre-IPO, Series C-funded SaaS provider that’s focused on helping companies engage, grow, and retain employees. Reflektive's Performance Management solution enables organizations to scale constructive, ongoing conversations that keep their people and their business continuously improving. We asked Chuck, who is Reflektive’s Senior Director of Sales Enablement, to tell us a bit about his typical workday. But we quickly realized that’s a tricky question, as the answer depends on where Chuck is working during the week ...

Lots of miles, early flights and late nights

As a resident of Seattle, Chuck has a long commute to Reflektive’s offices in downtown San Francisco. “My week is split between Seattle and San Francisco for three weeks out of the month,” Chuck says. “I’m up at 3:30 a.m. on Tuesdays, so I can get to the airport for a 6 a.m. flight that puts me on the ground in San Francisco by 8:30 a.m.” On Thursday evenings, Chuck’s commute starts around 7:30 p.m. from San Francisco; usually, he’s home by about 10:30 p.m.

When Chuck is in San Francisco from Tuesday through Thursday, he’s working at Reflektive’s offices in San Francisco’s South Beach neighborhood, across from Oracle Park. “Being in the office during those three days gets me the face time I need with the team,” says Chuck. “And being able to work from Seattle on Mondays and Fridays gives me time to make early morning calls to our office in Belgrade, Serbia, where we now have a 28-person BDR team,” he adds. The Serbia office was set up in April this year, just a month after Chuck joined the firm. Reflektive also has an office in Bangalore, India.

Lining up the big and little rocks

Wherever he is, Chuck’s first task of the day is checking email and Slack. But he admits that he’s really a “notebook guy” at heart. “The first thing I do after checking email is to make a list of all the things I want to accomplish that day, not just the ‘big rocks,’ but the ‘little rocks’ too.”

Chuck says he is a firm believer in what Success magazine publisher and best-selling author Darren Hardy calls “The Compound Effect” — essentially, that by making small but consistent choices, a person can reap large rewards both in business and life. “I can’t start my day without writing out that list,” Chuck says.

The goal of building a repeatable, sustainable process for sales at Reflektive is a standard item on Chuck’s list right now. One of the big rocks in focus this quarter is working through the company’s sales process and documenting the hand-offs through the sales process. “I’m also breaking down the discovery call — documenting it and amalgamating a lot of people’s methodologies into what really works for us,” Chuck says.

Elevating the sales conversation — with help from

There’s another practice that Chuck relies on daily to achieve his goals as the sales enablement leader for Reflektive: using the conversation intelligence platform. Chuck says he has been fascinated with conversation technology through his career and believes is what’s really helping him take sales enablement at Reflektive to the next level.

“Sales enablement is the art of diagnosing, documenting and then, adjusting,” Chuck explains. “ allows me to dissect sales conversations post-call and diagnose issues. I can consider what I heard from both sides and determine what should have happened on the call to make it a great call and then work with the reps to make the necessary adjustments.”

Chuck admits that some reps at Reflektive were initially skeptical about using “Some viewed the technology as a way for managers to check up on them,” he says. “But they soon realized that is a resource, not just for them but the whole team. Now, in our team meetings, we can listen to game film and help each other — and that elevates the play of everyone on the team. In fact, it elevates the whole conversation within sales.”

Making time, every day, for much more than work

Chuck may have a lot of business “rocks” to manage every day, but they aren’t the only things to make his daily list of priorities — not by a long shot. “It’s very important that I balance my work and life goals in my daily routine,” he says.

One of Chuck’s top personal priorities is his charitable work, helping families touched by cancer. He is a Make-a-Wish grantor and at any given time he’s working on two or three wishes. That means not just making the wishes happen, but also communicating regularly with the families, arranging schedules and logistics, and managing other details.

Chuck’s commitment to this charitable work only deepened after he lost his son to cancer 14 years ago. “I like to say the U.S. Military Academy gave me a Bachelor’s in Science and my son having cancer gave me a Bachelor’s in Humanity,” he says. “I learned more about being human from that experience than anything I’ve ever gone through before.”

Also topping Chuck’s list of personal priorities are his wife and daughters — ages 15, 17 and 23. “Being present for them and connected to what they are doing in their lives is a must for me,” he says.

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